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Sauna Health

 Sauna use goes back thousands of years because of the physical and mental benefits that are felt. Today our modern sciences show us why this is occurring.

  • BLOOD CIRCULATION : Studies have shown that saunas decrease our blood pressure and increase arterial compliance.  Meanings healthier and more stress resistant arteries

  • Immune System Benefits: Heating our bodies up produces a natural fever                                          state that aids in fighting off infections and illnesses. Als heating the body                                          spurs our immune system to increase production of white blood cells that                                         fight off incoming diseases and keeps our immunity higher.

  • Muscle Health: Increased circulation helps to deliver oxygen rich blood to                                           deprived muscles as well as relaxing them. Saunas also can raise human                                       growth hormones which counteracts the effects of aging and increases                                          muscle mass.

  • Pain Relief: Drift wellness uses a infrared sauna which studies have shown                                       Mid infrared waves help reduce inflammation and chronic pain while the                                                far infrared waves, that goes the deepest into the body, help with chronic                                          pain as well as draws out toxins.

  • SKINCARE: Infrared waves help spur the body into increasing production                                              of collagen and elastin. Collagen is well-known to keep skin resilient and                                   glowing and elastin help keep the skin wrinkle free.

  • MENTAL BENEFITS: Saunas have shown to effectively work to prevent Alzheimer's and other mental afflictions. Part of this is due to the increased production of myelin which helps increase the rate neurons enter and leave the brain.

  • Detox: As the body accumulates a higher level of toxins(including damaging neurotoxins) the infrared sauna aids in recovery by allowing the sweat to eliminate them internally.

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