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My dream started long ago when I first set foot on my path as a massage therapist.  It started in my soul, a need to practice what I love in an environment set to help people from all walks of life. Helping people from their physical pains, helping calm a restless mind, or holding a space for weary souls worn down by the long journey. I have always longed to create a space that was equally healing for me on my path as it is for others. After working with many wonderful people and being a part of their visions, helping them grow and walking the different paths with them I am proud to build and project my own energy by helping the Rapid City community.

Taylor Mechaley, Massage Therapy Rapid City SD, Drift Wellness

I have been practicing massage for over 10 years.  I trained in Lawrence Kansas at Pinnacle Career Institute where I also taught massage 7 years later for 2 years.  After working in upscale businesses for 9 years I relocated with my family to South Dakota where I was raised. We are excited to start a new home in the black hills and I look forward to helping the community with all my skills and knowledge. 

           About Taylor Mechaley 

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